About SDBuyer

About SDBuyer - San Diego Real Estate Investor

Welcome to SDBuyer. We buy houses in San Diego.

SDBuyer is a private real estate investment firm founded by Marshall Hatfield.

Mr. Hatfield is a real estate buyer specializing in distressed assets, multi-family residential, and commercial properties in and around greater San Diego.

  • Whether buying a rehab house or apartment building that needs major repairs...
  • An already occupied & fully updated multi-family residential property, or...
  • A piece of commercial real estate in San Diego...

... Mr. Hatfield is always looking to buy another property in his areas of investment.

The SDBuyer's investment strategies are simple: buy low, sell high; or buy & hold to collect rent.

With access to significant capital on short notice, we buy San Diego houses, fast, for cash. We buy apartment buildings from 2 to 200+ units (all cash or cash + finance).

We buy commercial property, from office space to light industrial.

The SDBuyer's goal is to partner with the San Diego area's top financiers, property managers, and sales experts, to be sure we are ready to buy any profitable property deals we can identify.

By studying & partnering with the most successful investors in this market, we can remain focused on finding great deals & acquiring profitable assets 100% of the time.

If you have a San Diego property you are looking to sell - fast, for CASH - or if you are simply looking for more input on your real estate decision making, contact us at - the SDBuyer - today!