No Fees

There are no fees or special costs for selling to SDBuyer.

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The facts that we can help you sell your San Diego house:

Are the 3 main benefits of working with SDBuyer.

However, there is also another benefit that might get overlooked:

There are NO FEES to sell your San Diego house to us!

This works in your favor as a seller in several ways:

You pay NO real estate agent fees / commissions.

Typically, as the seller, you would be footing the bill for the entire real estate agent commission.

This could be anywhere from 5 - 7% of the selling price,

So if you sold a property for $100,000 ...

This would be up to $7,000  - off the top - straight out of your pocket!

Sell to me, and you will keep this 5 - 7% in your pocket (plus skip the hassles of cleaning, renovating, advertising, and showing the property).

You pay for NO buyer requested Inspections or Warranties.

Many contracts of sale will include stipulations such as Inspections, Home Warranties, and other concessions for the Buyer.

In many cases, these stipulations will require the Seller to lower the sale price to compensate the Buyer for the cost.

As a private Investor, I have been inspecting, repairing, renovating, and buying homes for over a decade.

I bring my own Inspectors, and we buy San Diego houses as is, with no Warranties or special concessions.

You pay for NO updates, repairs, or clean-up.

Often a Buyer's offer will be predicated on Inspections.

If, during said inspections, the Buyer finds any problems, they'll likely demand the Seller do some of those Repairs (or reduce the Purchase Price by the cost of the Repairs).

In other words: you pay for the Repairs or Updates... or you lose the sale.

Since we buy San Diego properties in "as is" condition, what we offer is what we pay.

We always take into account the fact that we'll be paying for all repairs, updates, and cosmetic enhancements (so you don't have to).

That is part of our main job as a San Diego Real Estate Investor!


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