Sell Vacant House San Diego

Sell A Vacant House San Diego

We Buy Vacant Houses Fast - Selling an Empty House San Diego, CA

If you need to sell a vacant house in San Diego, we can help.

We know that wanting to sell your San Diego vacant house, but having it sitting empty, is less than ideal.

You're paying just to keep the house afloat.

Sell your San Diego vacant house.

We buy vacant houses in San Diego - fast, in as is condition.


Sell Your Empty House in San Diego

There are many ways you can end up with a vacant San Diego house you need to sell.

Two of the most common are:

  1. You are moving. You buy a house and are ready to move in ASAP but you still have your previous house to sell.
  2. You inherit an empty house but have no motivation or to spruce it up to sell.

In the first situation, you will more than likely be paying two mortgages --- not ideal to say the least.

Unfortunately for most homeowners, the stars don't always align in perfect order to where we can buy and sell a home in a convenient time period.

Need To Sell Your Vacant House in San Diego?

When you want to sell your San Diego vacant house, it can seem like a daunting task.

There are many possible reasons why a house may end up sitting vacant:

  • You've moved to a new house, but have yet to sell the old one.
  • It was a rental property that is currently unoccupied.
  • You've inherited a house but haven't had a chance to sell or rent it.
  • Or you're an investor with a problem home that's just ... sitting.

Regardless of the reason, in most cases, trying to sell a San Diego vacant property is a problem.

One of the best & easiest options is to sell your vacant San Diego house fast.

Common Problems That Will Occur While Your House Sits Empty

An obviously vacant property tends to attract all the wrong kind of attention.

Whether it is the local neighborhood kids:

  • littering,
  • breaking windows,
  • and leaving graffiti in their wake,

or the local criminals looking for easy pickings, stealing valuables like:

  • brass,
  • appliances,
  • and fixtures...

a vacant house is basically a house just waiting for trouble.

Plus, even though no one lives there, a vacant house requires notable expenses for upkeep and maintenance - just to prevent further deterioration!

In the winter, you're responsible for required utility costs just to prevent damage (unless you choose to winter-proof then pray nothing is broken come spring).

You, of course, will be responsible for any relevant taxes, homeowner fees, and any other costs inevitably incurred as a result of home ownership.

One way or another, if you have a vacant house in San Diego, you need to take action.

Now the problem is choosing what action to take.


Know Your Options: When to Sell Your Vacant San Diego House?

When it comes right down to it, unless you plan to move into the house, you basically have three options:

  1. Rent or Lease the House to Tenants
  2. Fix It Up & Sell the House Through a Listing Agent
  3. Sell As Is Privately (to a Handyman or Investor)

If the house sat vacant for more than a few months, there will definitely be work that needs to get done before you can even consider option 1 or option 2.

No matter what - if you want to go with either option 1 or option 2 - you will need to do some clean-up and basic maintenance before you sell your vacant San Diego house.

You'll likely need to:

  • repaint some rooms,
  • steam some carpets
  • refinish wood floors,
  • do basic landscaping & yard work.

If the property has sat vacant for any longer, there are likely to be more major repairs required ... repairs which will make it nearly impossible to sell or rent the house.

Choosing to Sell Your Vacant House 'As Is' to a Local Real Estate Investor

Of course, you could also just save yourself the trouble, and choose to sell vacant home San Diego to a cash buyer like us.

In that case, you wouldn't need to worry about repairs, clean-up, or any other maintenance whatsoever.

In fact, since we buy houses in "as is" condition, you could literally just contact us and potentially have the house sold - with money in the bank - in as little as 7 days from today!

In any case, the choice is yours ... but we both know that a house sitting vacant is a problem only waiting to get worse, so the sooner you take action, the sooner you can resolve the situation.


The Bottom Line: Selling a Vacant Home in San Diego

Sell Your Vacant Empty House Fast in San Diego, California

After reading the above, it's clear that dealing with a vacant San Diego house is no picnic.

Fortunately for you, it can be.

Having multiple options is always a good thing.

The fastest, easiest option is to sell your home to an investor or group of investors like us, as is, for cash.

This way you do NOT need a real estate agent, nor do you have to worry about putting in any labor before selling.

When selling to a cash buyer, the deal is often closed within two weeks.

Recap: Selling an Empty House with Agent vs. Cash Investors

Let's recap and weigh some options:

Selling empty home with agent


If you are selling an empty home, odds are you are having trouble finding a buyer.

So in this situation, you own the house you recently moved into plus the one you are trying to sell.

You will more than likely be:

  • paying two mortgages (unless owned outright),
  • keeping the house [for sale] in tip-top shape,
  • paying closing costs,
  • and continuing to pay taxes and insurance on the property.


If you don't mind waiting to sell or putting in labor hours into the home, working with a realtor can be a good thing -- after all, they are professionals at dealing with situations identical to this one.

The only benefit you have in this case is maximizing the value you get out of the home.

Realtors work to get the best price when dealing with buyers.

Don't forget about paying them 3%+ in commissions though.


•  Selling empty home to investors for cash


When you want to sell your Vacant Home in San Diego to a cash buyer, you will get a no-obligation offer within days of the initial contact.

Remember, investors want the best deal they can get in as little time as possible.

This being said, you might have to negotiate with them to meet at a price that you are content with.


From a financial standpoint, you will quickly be free from paying:

  • an extra mortgage,
  • realtor commissions,
  • insurance,
  • and property tax.

Remember the house will be bought in as-is condition, meaning you do not have to lift a finger to prepare the house to be sold. 

Don't worry about patching that hole in the wall, fixing anything that is broken, painting, or taking care of the lawn.


Which Decision on Selling Your Vacant San Diego House Fast is Right for You?

There is no right or wrong decision here; both have pros and cons.

The next step to take after reading this is to weigh your options and see which would work better for you.

In any event, getting a no-obligation cash offer is a good starting point since it's free and takes very little time.

We hope you learned something valuable from this page on how to sell an empty house in San Diego fast.

We'll get in touch with a ball-park offer of what we can pay to buy your house, plus since we'll be paying cash...

We can generally close within 2-3 weeks of our first interaction!

That said, we'll be the first to admit that selling to an investor like us is not for everyone.

While our way is faster, easier, and more efficient than any other option ... just like anything else: there are some down-sides as well.

To learn more about the many reasons why someone like you would (or would not) choose to sell your San Diego house to us, check out our: