As Is

SDBuyer purchases San Diego properties in "as is" condition.

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We buy San Diego houses as is.

When we buy properties "as is" condition, you'll never need to waste money, time, or energy on costly repairs or clean-up.

This is especially important for houses that have sat vacant, or that have not been updated / repaired for a significant time.

This also means that if your property is full of furniture or other belongings you don't want (even if it is a "mess" and full of "junk") ...

SDBuyer will make you an offer to take these problems off your hands.

We have teams who can both clean and repair / renovate the property so you don't have to.

All you have to do is take whatever you want, and leave the rest to me.

Skip the Cleanup & Repairs: We Buy San Diego Real Estate As Is, for Cash.

If you have a problem property that is going to require significant time, energy, or money to clean up / repair before it would be ready to list on the open market, selling to an investor like me is one of your best options.

You'll not only save yourself the cost of clean-up, repairs, and renovations ... you'll also save yourself the time & headaches these will add to the selling process.

Many people who sell to me find that there are just too many repairs or too many belongings in the house to get it ready for showings & open houses.

By selling to me, you can save yourself from these problems, and close a sale on a house without repairs or clean-up - in "as is" condition.


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