Real Estate Agent vs. Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Agent vs. Real Estate Broker

While the exact terminology varies state by state, generally:

All Real Estate Brokers are Real Estate Agents, but NOT all Real Estate Agents are Real Estate Brokers.

For example, in states like California or California, a Real Estate Agent will need:

  • to be active for 2+ years,
  • to have handled 20+ real estate transactions during that time,
  • and completed an additional 10 - 20+ hours of college-level Continuing Education,

before they’re eligible to become a Real Estate Broker.

In that sense, a Real Estate Broker is typically a step above a Real Estate Agent.

Usually, any Real Estate Agent will need to work under a Broker.

They won’t be eligible to work on their own until they receive the Broker’s license.

The Broker holds the Agent’s license, and is their “boss.”

Real Estate Brokers may or may not actively work as Agents themselves.

Some Brokers focus exclusively on managing their Brokerage & overseeing their Teams of Agents.

Either way, both a Real Estate Agent and / or a Real Estate Broker will be able to help you sell your real estate.

The only question is choosing the right Agent or Broker to represent your property!

Buyer’s Agents, Seller’s Agents, Renter’s Agents, and More…

Many Real Estate Agents specialize in working with Buyers, Sellers, Renters, Commercial Property Owners, Real Estate Investors, and many others.

It’s important to pick the right Real Estate Agent for you.

Make sure the Real Estate Agent you’re considering to work with is experienced as a Seller’s Agent (if you’re going to hire them to help you sell your house).

Ideally, they should have experience selling comparable properties in your exact neighborhood / location.

The Two Sides to Every Transaction: Buyer Side, Seller Side, and Dual Agency

To every real estate sale where a Real Estate Agent is involved, there are 2 “sides” to the transaction:

  1. The Buyer Side.
  2. The Seller Side.

The Buyer Side

The Buyer Side represents the Buyer in the transaction, helping them with things like:

  • finding a mortgage lender,
  • searching for a house,
  • viewing properties,
  • making offers,
  • and closing on a real estate purchase.

The Seller Side

The Seller Side represents the Seller in the transaction, helping them with things like:

  • pricing their home correctly,
  • researching comparables,
  • staging & preparing the house for sale,
  • marketing the Listing,
  • showing the property,
  • negotiating with prospective Buyers,
  • and getting the sale closed.

Dual Agency

A Dual Agent or Dual Agency means when a single Real Estate Agent represents both the Buyer and Seller Sides of a transaction.

An experienced Dual Agent can help streamline the process, not depending on any Buyer’s Agents to bring along the qualified Buyer.

Rather, the Dual Agent works with you, the Seller, to bring the Buyer themselves.

Knowing The Difference

Understanding the difference between these two types of Real Estate Professionals is good information to know.

But always remember: You don't need an Agent or a Broker to sell your San Diego house for cash, fast, in 'as-is' condition. 

Call us today!

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