Sell My House Behind On Payments San Diego

Sell My House When I’m Behind On Mortgage Payments San Diego

Can I list my home for sale if I'm behind on payments? Sell House Behind on Mortgage

Are you wondering 'can I sell my home when I'm behind on mortgage payments in San Diego?'

In today's economy, it is quite common for people to run into problems with their mortgage payments. Luckily, you can still sell your house if you're behind on your mortgage.

Unforeseen circumstances such as:

  • job loss,
  • health problems,
  • or unexpected repairs

Can quickly cause a tough financial situation to get worse, leaving you owing back payments on your home mortgage.


Know Your Options: San Diego House Behind On Payments

Sometimes you may find your other bills and expenses are piling up, while you struggle to make your house payments.

After more than a month has gone by, if you haven't caught up, the situation can go from bad to worse ... fast!

If this sounds familiar, you already know the feeling of paddling upstream, trying to avoid a foreclosure or other financial disaster looming ever closer.

Unless you have a clear idea of how to get out from under the pressure, you might feel a sense of hopelessness about your options.

Taking The First Step & Doing Your Homework

The first step is to understand what you can (and can't) do.

It's important to remember:

When your San Diego house is behind on payments, you need to take action - fast.

The longer you wait, the more difficult it can become.

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Option A: How to KEEP Your San Diego House Behind on Mortgage Payments

If you're behind on mortgage payments for your San Diego house, the first thing you need to do is talk to the lender (the Bank or Credit Union).

The longer you wait, the worse your situation & bargaining power.

What's important to remember is that your bank doesn't want to foreclose on your house. They want you to pay off your mortgage, so they earn the interest on the loan as effortlessly as possible.

Your mortgage lender is not in the business of owning houses.

That means your best first option is to contact them directly, let them know your situation, and remember to note down & record every conversation you have with them regarding your mortgage. This might come in handy down the road if anything goes wrong.

Some of the options you might explore with your mortgage lender include:

Refinance Your Mortgage Into Something With Lower Payments

If you're already behind on payments, this might not be an option (without first getting current on your existing mortgage).

However, depending on the bank or credit union who holds your mortgage note, you might be able to work something out.

If you're lucky, you can refinance onto a mortgage that has a cheaper monthly payment, to help you get back up to speed & current. Even if the new mortgage has a balloon payment after a few years, where your monthly payment will increase...

... At least this will give you a chance in the short-term to dig yourself out of the hole.

Negotiate an Adjusted Repayment Schedule to Help Get Back on Track

If the reason you're behind on payments has to do with a temporary situation, like a job loss, health issue, or other scenario that will be resolved soon, let your mortgage lender know.

Again, remember:

Your mortgage lender is not in the business of owning houses. They just want you to pay back the loan.

If you can negotiate with them on the repayment schedule while you're getting back to work, or otherwise resolving your temporary issues that caused the late payments, you might be able to get back up to speed without changing the loan at all.

Option B: How to SELL Your San Diego House Fast Even If You're Behind on Payments

One of the easiest ways to resolve this situation, if you are feeling perpetually behind on your payments, is to simply sell the house.

By selling your San Diego house when behind on payments to a cash investor like us, you might be able to resolve the situation in only a couple of weeks ... and even end up with cash in your pocket after the sale.

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Pages of particular interest include:

Sometimes, the most important factor in avoiding foreclosure, and either becoming current on your mortgage payments or getting out from under a burden of debt that you can't maintain is to know your options!

The situation of wanting to sell your San Diego home when behind on payments can be overwhelming, and this, unfortunately, causes many people to become complacent ... waiting around for a miracle.

This can only make the situation worse, so don't wait around - take action!

Do your research, and consult an expert ASAP - before it's too late.

If you've already done all the research you need, or you'd simply like to hear our candid advice on your situation, feel free to contact us directly anytime.


Get Started: Sell Your San Diego House When Behind On Payments

Do not wait any longer!

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There are plenty of ways to dissect this, but no matter what approach you take, you must be honest with yourself.

This can be tough because you might have to admit to yourself that you need to do something --- NOW.

The most important thing in this process is to not get discouraged; keep moving forward.

Take the information above and apply it when it is time to get back to selling.

Now that you have valuable tips on how to sell San Diego property when behind on payments, you should be far better prepared for what you decide to next!

Even if you have no interest to sell your San Diego house when behind on payments, this offer could be used to get a ballpark range of what your house is worth.

I hope you will take initiative and help yourself by getting a cash offer for your San Diego house so we can stay in touch, and ultimately, help you get back on your feet!

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