Sell Rental Property With Bad Tenants in San Diego

Sell Rental Property With Bad Tenants in San Diego

We Buy San Diego Rental Property in Any Condition - Sell Tenant Occupied Real Estate

Are you thinking, "I want to sell my San Diego rental property with bad tenants"?

As local real estate investors & cash buyers, we make it easy to sell your rental property in San Diego, regardless of its condition or occupancy.

We buy San Diego rental real estate fast - for cash - in as-is condition, even with bad tenants!


How to Quickly Sell a San Diego Rental Property With Bad Tenants

At SDBuyer, we've been in the landlord business for over a decade.

During that time, we've bought plenty of properties from other landlords & investors who simply no longer wanted to own them.

Do any of the situations sound familiar?

  • Tenants in a rental property causing way too many hassles?
  • Rental property is too inconveniently located for regular visits & maintenance?
  • The property started costing more than it was bringing in?
  • Or are you simply ready to get out of the landlord business altogether?

If you own rental properties in San Diego, then we know you've experienced at least some of the above sometimes.

If you are currently in any of those situations, and have a rental property (of any size, in any condition) that you're looking to sell:

We buy San Diego rental properties as-is, fast, for cash.

Sell your rental property to us!

When it comes to the landlord-tenant relationship, we've seen it all:

... From pristine, peaceful, & cooperative,

... To adversarial, frustrating, & downright impossible.

We've been forced to evict tenants, refer bad debtors to collections, and even take especially bad problem cases to our attorneys & the courts.

We've seen landlords forced to call the police on a tenant using their property as a hub in a criminal enterprise.

We've seen properties get run down due to non-paying tenants and high vacancies.

In the end, being a landlord and dealing with renters is a tough business.

If you're looking for a quick exit from a particular problem property, or you're thinking about selling your entire real estate portfolio, we can make you a cash offer to buy!

The Difficulties in Selling San Diego Rental Properties [With or Without Bad Tenants]

Rental properties can be tough to sell.

While there are millions of homeowners looking for a place to live, only a tiny fraction (from 10% - 15%) of those are ever in their lifetimes going to even consider owning an investment property.

That means your potential buyers market is already much smaller, assuming you're selling a San Diego rental property.

Plus, unless you've already handled the turnover & clean-out after your final tenant(s), rental properties will likely require updates, repairs, or renovations before they're "move in ready" --- especially if you're trying to sell to a homeowner (vs. another investor).

Selling your multi-family rental properties in San Diego is even worse, as in today's markets, there are fewer buyers with access to capital to actually close a sale.

In contrast, for us, rental properties are our favorite purchases.

We are always looking to buy rental properties, from single family homes up to 100+ unit apartment complexes.

Whether your rental properties are in pristine condition, or whether they need major work & renovations, we're interested.

Whether they are fully occupied, or they've been sitting vacant for years, we're interested.

Plus, we have cash, can close fast (often in as little as 2 weeks), and buy properties in as-is condition (regardless of the amount of work & updates it may require).

We can guarantee you will not find a faster, more convenient way to sell your San Diego rental real estate.

So, if you have a San Diego rental property with bad tenants you are looking to sell, for any reason, please contact us immediately so we can make you an offer - ASAP!


4 Reasons to Sell Your San Diego Rental Property (vs. Continuing to Deal With Tenant Issues)

Bad tenants are a landlord's nightmare.

Ultimately, the landlord business would be great... if not for the tenants!

However, while most people do their best, pay on time, and take relatively good care of their homes:

Many renters are on their worst behavior when in their role as a tenant. They make messes, delay payments, come up with crazy stories & excuses, start drama at the property, and too much more too list.

Here are just a few reasons why you might consider selling your rental (vs. keeping the property & dealing with bad tenants).

1. Tired of dealing with late payments?

As a landlord, you bought your rental property for one main reason, to make a consistent cash flow.  

The number one priority is making sure you're consistently receiving the full amount of rent on time.

If your tenants make late payments, sure you can create late fees, and get a couple extra bucks each month...

But is it really worth dealing with constant nagging & collection efforts over and over again? Why not just sell the rental property, and start fresh in your next investment?

2. Tenants keep destroying your place?

If your tenants are putting holes in the walls, breaking appliances, ruining flooring, and otherwise damaging & destroying your property...

That is cutting straight into your bottom line!

Every time your tenant causes damage (or neglect) to cost you money...

Every time you turn over the rental...

You're spending more than you should be, all due to your problem tenants.

If tenants damage the property, you have to fix it.

This can pull money out of your pocket and dig into your profits, and is a great excuse to just sell of the property (as-is) and be done with it.

3. Are your tenants breaking the law?

While your tenants might pay their rent on time and respect your property, that doesn't mean they are ideal renters.

Lately, more and more rental properties are accruing blight thanks to the drug epidemic... and chances are with enough rental properties eventually this problem will end up on your door step.

If you're tired of dealing with tenants breaking the law in your units (without you knowing -- until the police show up at the door and call you).

Skip the evictions & hassle, and simply sell the rental property once and for all!

4. Never deal with another eviction?

Evictions are a pain in the butt, no matter how you slice it. Even in the most efficient execution, they represent a real cost.

Sure, you might get some money from an eviction fee and past-due rent, but now you are also stuck with an empty property which you'll need to turn over & rent ASAP!

Plus, the eviction process is far from instantaneous.

Really bad problem tenants can even cause the process to drag along further by protesting & seeking redress through the court.

Rather than worry about facing this issue, simply sell the rental property and you'll never need to do another eviction again.

What's It Like Selling Your Rental Property to Local Real Estate Investors?

Now that you know the cost of renting to bad tenants, just imagine escaping this nightmare you might already be in.

We will buy your San Diego rental property with bad tenants for cash!

That's right, sell to us and let us deal with everything mentioned above.

Benefits of selling to us include: closing the sale in 2-4 weeks, bought in 'as-is' condition, and more.


The Bottom Line: Selling A Rental Property With Bad Tenants In San Diego

If you are ready to get out from under the stresses & obligations of being a landlord:

Sell your San Diego rental property with bad tenants to us!

We buy rental real estate in San Diego, and will be happy to help you out of this situation if possible.

Whether or not selling your San Diego rental with bad tenants to a local cash buyer ends up being the right choice, we will be happy to help point you in the right direction.

Feel free to contact us directly with any questions.

If you're saying "I'm ready to sell my San Diego rental with bad tenants in as is condition, for cash":

Fill out our Seller Form here for a no-obligation cash offer.

If you assess the situation and decide that you want to sell your San Diego rental with bad tenants for cash, please fill out our form for a cash offer below.