Avoid Foreclosure San Diego

How To Avoid Foreclosure San Diego

Sell Your House Fast to Avoid Foreclosure - California Foreclosure Prevention

Are you behind on your mortgage payments? If so, you might be at risk of Foreclosure.

We can help you avoid Foreclosure in San Diego.

One of the best options is to sell your house fast, for cash, in as is condition, so you can settle up with the bank & get out of this situation!


Depending on how far along the Foreclosure process has gone, you might need to consider selling your San Diego house via Short Sale as well.

The most important first step is understanding your exact situation.

What is Foreclosure? Understanding How to Avoid Foreclosure San Diego.

What exactly is a Foreclosure?

Foreclosure is what happens when you as the Homeowner fail to pay the mortgage.

More specifically, it is a legal process by which the Homeowner forfeits all rights to the property.

If you are unable to pay off the remaining mortgage, or sell your San Diego home via Short Sale (with permission & agreement of the Lender)...

The property then goes to a Foreclosure Auction.

If it doesn't sell there, the Lender takes possession of it.

Why is it so important to avoid Foreclosure?

If you go through a Foreclosure, there are a lot of negatives you'll face in the moment and for years to come.

First of all, and most obviously, you'll lose your house!

You will also take a serious hit to your credit score (FICO). A Foreclosure is a particular & unique filing that shows up on all credit reports.

In fact, it will appear and stick with your FICO for 7 years --- for the duration of which you'll have a much more difficult time getting approved for credit or loans.

It can even effect your ability to rent a property!

What triggers the Foreclosure process? 

Foreclosure is the very last step in a long process of being behind on your San Diego mortgage payments.

Below we will examine the broad 5 Stages that your property will go through before, during, and after Foreclosure.



The first stage is missed payments.

There are dozens of common reasons why you might have missed your payments as a Homeowner & Borrower:

  • Employment issues?
  • Maybe you were laid-off, fired or quit your job.
  • Maybe you were unable to continue working due to medical conditions.
  • Excessive debt & expenses?
  • Maybe you simply were unable to afford the payments.
  • Maybe the house needs more work than you can manage.

Or maybe you're facing any number of other issues which prevented you getting your mortgage paid on time.

Regardless of the cause:

If you are late on your mortgage payments, talk to your Lender ASAP!

Many Lenders can provide some accommodation if you are facing issues making your payments. But you better not wait for them to come chase you down for not paying.


After 3 - 6 months of missed payments, the Lender will record a public notice w/ the County.

This will include a Notice of Default (NOD), or lis pendens filing (Latin for suit pending)

At this point, you will have an encumbrance on your title that will prevent the house from being sold without the approval of the Lender.


Once notice is recorded, you'll typically have 30 - 120 days of grace period known as "pre-foreclosure." (Consult with a qualified attorney to determine the exact time period! This is not legal advice.)

During this time, you'll need to find a resolution with your Lender via Short Sale or getting current with your payments.

Otherwise, the Foreclosure will proceed.


If you have not resolved the situation by either selling your San Diego house via Short Sale, or getting on an approved payment plan with your Lender...

At this point your house will be Foreclosed.

The Lender, or their representative (referred to as the Trustee), will set a date for the Foreclosure Auction.

The Notice of Trustee Sale (NTS) will be recorded with the County, with notifications delivered to you, posted on the property, and printed in the local newspaper. Auctions are typically held at the County Courthouse, in the Trustee's office, online via silent bidding, or sometimes even at the property itself.

Depending on circumstances, you as the Owner will probably have "right of redemption" if you can come up with the outstanding debt, right up until the Auction date.


If the property is not sold at the Foreclosure Auction, or if the Lender takes ownership, it becomes what is known as a bank-owned or REO (Real Estate Owned) property.

Typically bank-owned properties will be sold with a local San Diego Real Estate Agent on the open market, or via bulk auctions & liquidation sales to financial institutions & large investors.

At this point, the Foreclosure has happened, your house is lost, and the damage to your credit is done & recorded.

So let's not let it get to that! Work out something with your Lender ASAP, or...

Sell your house via Short Sale before your Foreclosure proceeds.

Get started by filling out our brief Seller Form here.


Ways To Avoid Foreclosure San Diego

Refinancing Your San Diego Mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage simply replaces the existing loan with a new loan.

The new loan hopefully will help you consolidate debts and reduce monthly payments.

Ideally, you'll be able to refinance your San Diego mortgage at a lower rate, with favorable terms (fixed-rate loan or adjustable).  This will be a more permanent solution than most loan modifications, and usually, offers more advantages.

There are some disadvantages of refinancing.

Refinancing can be hard to qualify for. Especially if you're already behind on your mortgage, facing other credit issues, or have accumulated little home equity since taking your current mortgage...

A mortgage refinance loan might be out of the question.

So, if you are facing issues with poor credit and/or little home equity, you might want to consider the following option.

Requesting a Mortgage Loan Modification 

A Mortgage Loan Modification on your current San Diego mortgage loan is just an adjustment to the terms of your existing loan.

Most of the time this is only for a short period of time to help you get your head above water, and back current with your mortgage.

However, the original loan does not disappear --- it is still in place. You will still owe at least the remaining principal, oftentimes with added fees for the Modification.

This option will typically be your only choice if you don't qualify to refinance your San Diego mortgage loan.

While imperfect, a Mortgage Loan Modification is almost always a significantly better option than Foreclosure!

There are still drawbacks.

For example, since it is easier to qualify for, more Borrowers elect to do it when facing mortgage issues.

As you can probably guess, this puts more on the plate of lenders, causing a typical mortgage adjustment to take as long as 6 - 10 months before being finally approved!

If you are looking for the fastest & easiest solution to Avoid Foreclosure San Diego, there's nothing better than:

Selling Your Real Estate to Avoid Foreclosure

If you skip the Refinancing or Loan Modifications, your fastest & easiest option is to sell your San Diego real estate as is, fast, for cash.

However, if you're already facing potential Foreclosure issues, and if your house needs work or improvements before it's ready to be shown...

A traditional listing with a San Diego Real Estate Agent might not be your best choice to sell your house to avoid foreclosure. 

Listing with a REALTOR on the MLS comes with some disadvantages that are commonly overlooked, and might cause some real problems in your situation.

For example, the average time it takes to sell a home is between 81 - 106 days.

This can present a real problem, especially if you're already in financial distress, behind on the mortgage and/or underwater with no equity.

Plus, when working with a Real Estate Agent, you'll be paying an additional 6% (or more) in fees.

Worst of all, if you owe more than you expect the house will sell for, you'll likely need to sell as a San Diego Short Sale... meaning the Lender will also have to approve any Buyer (and their offer).

If you'd prefer to get out of this situation as soon as possible, with fewer hassles,

Skip the Real Estate Agent listing process and sell directly to a local real estate investor who knows how to help you avoid Foreclosure in San Diego.

Depending on your situation, we can either:

  • Help you with a Short Sale, negotiating on your behalf with the Lender to get your house Sold, or...
  • Buy the property outright, fast, for cash, without involving the Lender (so you can simply pay off your mortgage 100% and be done with it).

Either way, we buy houses, and can help you avoid San Diego Foreclosure by selling your house fast.


Avoid Foreclosure San Diego: Sell Your House Fast To Local Investors

We Buy Houses San Diego, As-Is, Fast, for Cash to Help You Avoid Foreclosure.

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Sell your San Diego house FAST.

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We are cash buyers, meaning:

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